cultural beliefs

The list here describes world’s most popular cultural beliefs around the world. The beliefs can be changed over the period of time and today media acts as most important factor in changing opinion for people. Today we are going to talk about most popular and rare beliefs.


The God Exists

Despite of increasing number of atheists in world, 1 in 1.1 people believe that God does exists. China currently has 200 million atheists.


Life After Death

This has been debatable topic for last many centuries. Religion act as a major reason people started believing that life after death still exists. 1 in 1.25 people believe in life after death.



1 in 1.5 people believe that our life is already destined when are born. This seems beautiful.


Aliens Exists

The evidence of aliens out there are increasing every day. Space is vast and there are endless possibilities as well. 1 in 1.15 human thinks alien does exists and they will contact us one day.


Bermuda Triangle in Deadly

The thing is that 1 in 2.4 people still believes that Bermuda triangle. Portals, time travel and other things that people have been brainwashed into thinking.


Time Travel

Thanks to science fiction movies and other documentaries, 1 in 2.5 person now believe that time travel machine will be invented by the end of this centuries.


Guardian Angel

1 in 1.27 human think that guardian angels actually protect us and watch over us. Some people consider it as good luck. What do you think?


Jesus Birth date

A lot of debate has been done on actual birth date of Jesus Christ. 1 in 3.2 believe that Jesus was born on 25th of December but no one really knows the actual birth date.


Love at First Sight

Do you really think that love at first sight exists? Well 1 in 3.6 people actual believe that it could happen.


Devil Possession

For me it is scary to be honest, there are lots of medical conditions, that 1 in 3.7 people mistakenly takes evil spirit possessions.



Again thanks to religion, reincarnation came into beliefs, billions of people think that reincarnation happens and we will born again in any living creature out there.


Psychic Powers

A lot of people belief that reading minds and predicting future is actually a thing. There must be some science behind this hmm.


Area 51 Aliens

It is however true that government does hide a lot of things and area 51 is one of them. 25 percent Americans believe that area 51 is hideout of aliens who crashed their ship.


Shaving Heads Regrow Hair

This widely popular belief made by person who are losing their hair. The science says that shaving head doesn’t regrow your hair by the way. It is all about perspective.


Talking to spirit

Humans are weird creature and they can earn decent money by fooling people. A lot people have claimed that they can actually talk to dead person and people actually believe that.



I personally believe that karma does exists. You get what you do. You do bad things to others, you will receive same thing, you do good things, you will get rewards as well.


Using 10% of Our Brain

Even the science has denied that fact that using certain percent of brain happens. This is completely false and unexplainable.



It is directly related to astrology. Humans do bring conclusions that horoscopes describes a particular person description and their life routine.


Evolution is myth

A religious fanatic still believes that humans were made directly by God instead of product of evolution.


6th Sense

Like you realize what is going to happen, people who claimed that they have activated their sixth sense can sense the danger before it is going to happen.


Ghosts Exists

Horror made us into thinking that ghosts do exists and they harm a person in many ways. They possess person and can actually kill them. Isn’t this funny?



Due to rise of global warming, I personally started thinking that apocalypse might happen if we don’t act now.



That would be really amazing if mermaid exists. The favorite destination of every men would be ocean.


Climate Change is Not Real

Conservatives politicians has led us into thinking climate change is not real and a hoax made by elites who rule over us.


Vaccines Causes Autism

It is very stupid to think that vaccine causes autism. The science have gone so far and people are still thinking that vaccines are actually harmful. We are evolving backward for sure.



Having bad luck doesn’t mean that some witch is casting spell on you. Be human and kind.


Yeti Exists

I personally find this amazing, knowing that Yeti is real will be amazing scientific discovery in human evolution.


TV is Mind Controlling Device

If TV is mind controlling device then Netflix and other streaming services are the same.


Illuminati is real

1 in 17 people believe that secret societies like Illuminati actually exists and they are controlling world through media and magic.



There are conspiracies out there that made people believe that AIDS are deliberately created by humans. Who would be so cruel?



There are new theories out there that say that Atlantis might be actually Ireland.


CIA invented Cracks

This is actually funny because most Americans today think that it is true.


Flat Earth Theory

They crazy thing about flat earth theory is that millions of people think that it is true.


Moon Landing

After 48 years of moon landing, people are now thinking that moon landing was actually fake and it is just a holographic model developed my government.


5G technology causes Covid-19

This is really weird that people are believing such things. Millions of people are dying and we should be more aware of this.


Tupac is Alive

There is a theory that Tupac is still alive and living in Africa after faking his own death to avoid punishment from drug regarding case.


Elvis Presley

We all know that Elvis Presley has connection with underworld mafia and he faked his own death for some reasons.


Titanic Conspiracy

Conspiracy theorist have claimed that titanic disaster was caused by rich elite politicians.


Unicorns Were Real

Since the evolution theory is real, there’s no doubt that unicorn didn’t exist.