jobs for students

Many students would love to have jobs or have good business ideas during the summer, but not everyone has work experience or doesn't know where to start. Here are 10 jobs that could be perfect for you.


You probably heard this one before; babysitters are in high demand during the summer. College kids are constantly looking for sitters to look after their children while they go out on dates, social events, and other gatherings. This is a great way to make money without having a full-time job. Babysitting can lead to future employment because you're already getting paid to take care of kids! You can ask your friends if they need help taking care of their little ones or an older family member.


Lifeguarding can be an excellent summertime job for students. Being a lifeguard allows you to keep people safe and earn some extra cash simultaneously. Depending on how many hours you work, this could also turn into a full-time career or even something you consider doing long-term after graduating college. This is an excellent way to save up money for tuition, books, and other expenses while earning enough money to make it through another school year!

-Clerical Assistant/Customer Service Representative

If you're not afraid of answering phones or working with numbers all day, then clerical assistant jobs are perfect for you! Many companies hire students during the summer (and full time) to take office calls, answer phones and deal with customers. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for future employment because you're learning how to communicate professionally with clients over the phone.


Enrolling in college means you probably know a lot more about different subjects than your friends do! If you happen to be good at helping people learn certain classes, test prep, or even math and science, then tutoring could be for you. Being a tutor can give students flexible hours and work whenever they need to. Look up local companies or go straight to colleges if there are few options near you.

-App Developer/Web Designer/IT Technician

If technology is your thing, then this might be what you're looking for! If you know how to code or design computer programs, then this is something you should consider doing. App developers are in high demand during the summer, so getting a gig now could lead to you having past job graduation.

-Car Wash/Detailing Service

If it's too hot out for another outdoor job, but you don't want to work inside all day, car washes are perfect. Depending on what part of the country you're from, detailed cars are also beneficial! Many people get their vehicles washed over the summer for various reasons and would be willing to pay someone to do it for them.

-Magazine Salesperson

This isn't precisely a technician job, but if your school has local magazines students can subscribe to, then being a salesperson is another good summer job. If you're starting, be willing to work for free! This might not seem like much of a job at first, but it can lead to more paid opportunities later on.

-Entry Level Lawyer/Accountant/Real Estate Agent/Mortgage Broker

Are you looking for something with a long-term opportunity? How does having a stable career sound to you? These are all some careers that students can usually get an entry-level position in during the summer or right after graduation, depending on what kind of degree they have. All these positions give students great learning experiences and help them build their resumes!

-Bartender/Taco Maker at a Food Truck/Sushi Chef

For all you foodies out there, nothing beats jobs in the culinary industry! There are jobs available for almost any taste bud, so check your local community or university to see if they have connections. Depending on what kind of experience you have, these jobs can lead to other opportunities as well, so overall it's a win-win situation.

-Construction Worker

Construction is another excellent job that students typically get during the summer if you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty. Construction isn't usually an option for someone who just graduated because most companies prefer their employees to have previous experience in the field, which is a more long-term opportunity. If you don't want to work at a desk all day, construction is a great summer job for students!

-Zookeeper/Aquarium Worker

Zoos and aquariums are some excellent places to look if you want some animal interaction in your life this summer. You might not get paid much (if at all) depending on the location, but it's an opportunity to gain work experience with animals, making future employers swoon! These can be long-term opportunities depending on if you want to come back after graduation.

So next time you're looking for something to do during the summer, remember that there are more options than just working behind a desk! Get creative, head down to your local community center university, and check out what sort of opportunities they have available in your area. You never know when you might find your dream job!