search engine algorithm

What is the Search Engine Algorithm and how does it work? What is the Search Engine Algorithm? It is simply a mathematical formula or, more correctly, a calculation that is used for deciding and displaying the most relevant content from highly indexed web pages stored in the search engine’s database. If you go to Google and search for information, the first thing you see is the Google Search Engine Pages (or SERP), which displays the most relevant search results that match your search terms. Google Sites has been updated to include the Search Engine Algorithm in order to deliver the best possible result for each search term.

You must look at how search engines actually work to understand the Google Search Engine Algorithm. The search engine algorithm will search for the relevant websites that contain the search terms entered when you enter them in the search box. Google searches will return the most relevant results to your search terms based on their relevance. The search engine algorithm has been continuously updated. This is a newer version of what it was known as in 1998. This new algorithm is more focused towards providing the user the most relevant search results based upon the user's current search criteria.


Google Algorithm Updates

Web sites should be aware that their SEO rankings have been affected by the recent algorithm upgrade. It is vital that webmasters consider the effects this update could have upon their SEO strategies. Webmasters will need to be very attentive to details of their site's design. These elements include:

Page Rank Algorithm

It was launched in 1996. Search engines use it to rank web pages based on their importance. This algorithm was basically based on the "Amount of Backlinks to a particular Website" format.

Panda Update

It was released in year 2011, this algorithm was designed to rank websites on the basis on their content and relevancy. Google's search engine algorithm results to recognize high-quality websites.

Penguin Update

It was launched in year 2012, Penguin search algorithm was built to target websites with spammy backlinks.

Humming Bird Update

This update was more of a Google search engine algorithm upgrade that improved the accuracy and speed of search results. Also, this update didn't result in any ranking or penalty changes.

Google's latest algorithm does more than give you the best result for a search term. It also adapts to the web space's competition. In other words: The algorithm now considers all sites that attempt to compete with each other and returns the page that is most relevant and the most competitive. Google now favors new web pages as they are more relevant and compete with older web-pages. In other words, ranking on the first page is easier than ranking on the previous web-pages.