domed city

The domed city is conceptual structure where the entire urban or rural town will be enclosed under single roof. The dome over the city would be airtight and strong enough to withheld several decades. The domed city would be able to manipulate air pressure, climate, weather due to lack of external atmosphere.

History of Domed City

It is still unclear from where the idea of domed city came from, the phrase "domed city" came into practice in 19th centuries, which described the sky under the dome. The concept has different meaning which is mostly depend upon the its application. Many suggested that domed city would be sustainable under the projects of arcology

Domed City Projects

In year 2010, the top most engineers of Siberia have proposed the Eco-city for the year 2020, where 1,00,000 people can easily resides.

The Prince of Dubai has also announced the plan for climate controlled city which is covered by dome covering the area of 50 million square feet.

Domed City in Science Fiction

There were authors before who mentioned the domed city in their work. There were reasons for them to use this concept. Among those reasons are air pollution, war, nature destruction.

The domed city in this books city remained the only hope where human can survive.

These kind of cities are also useful to quarantine human in case of pandemic or epidemic.


In conclusion we can say that domed cities are going to be one of the most technologically and architecturally advanced form city to avoid war, pandemic and other natural calamities.