Claytronics Atoms

What is Claytronics?

Claytronics is the most advanced form of future concept that includes the use of Nano robots and latest edition of computer science to create most complex form nano scale computers, which are called Claytronics Atoms, they are also referred to Catoms. So they are programmable or computing matter which can interact with objects and human.

Usages of Catoms

The Claytronics atoms are still being researched in many variants and forms. Computer scientists are making sure that become applicable to both hardware and software

Applications of Claytronics

Though main objective of Claytronics is to create and then interact with 3d objects. Many companies have claim that Claytronics technology can perform many functions such as lighting to computer programming. What Clayton did not know was that he would be doing the job of a young programmer looking for someone else who had done something like his own thing, where by adding some more components into the original system or making small modifications made with electrical equipment.

Future Applications of Catoms

·         Defense Mechanism

·         Medical Surgery

·         Disaster Relief

·         3D Object Modelling

·         Entertainment

·         Household

The Claytronics technology is studied upon both hardware and software so that they can be applicable for future purposes.


The working concept of Catoms is based upon the programmable matter that can change shape and size and create objects by itself. Their types are as following:-

Current Catoms

After many researches and studies, it’s been concluded that current Catoms have many forms and prototypes. This prototype are later designed for specific purpose and applications. They can form small cubes to giant balloons. They are mostly known as planar Catoms.

Future Catoms

The main objectives of future Catoms will be making sure that Catoms move from one place to another, so shape shifting of objects can be done.



After advanced development mechanism at Nano meter scale Catoms will be requiring advanced algorithm functions and programming languages, to perform tasks accurately. Their functions and tasks are as below:-


Meld is a programming language which will work on programmable matter or we can say that Catoms.

Watch point and Monitoring

There will be millions and billions Catoms working together, so there would be errors as well. This function will perform detecting and debugging errors in any possible ways.

Catoms Algorithm

The most important factor of Claytronics algorithm is shape creation and shape shifting.



Now we can say that Claytronics is really very advanced technology. It provide different ways and form of interacting with matter. Fabrication technology such as 4D printing technology  will now come into practice.