utility fog

What is Utility Fog?

The Utility Fog is theoretical group of nanobots that can form physical structure of any form by replicating itself. Sometimes, it is also considered as self replicating modular robotics.

The term Utility Fog was first coined by John Storrs Hall who is the founder of sci.nanotech Usenet newsgroups

Concept of Utility Fog

Although this concept is based on nanotechnology, the robots in this technology would be so smaller that they can only be observed by microscopic glasses. Their size will be varies around 100 micro meter foglet (nanorobots). They have several robotic arms which can reach several directions and can perform three dimensional objects. The robotic arms will also have grabber at the end which will allow them mechanically link to each other.

Now imagine if you need seat belt for you car, then the nano bots would spread out and create shape of a seat belt by mechanically linked to each other. I hope you're getting my point. The nanobots will be locked to each other and won't differentiate until we tell them to do so. This process of swarming of foglet is called utility fog.

When compared to other future technology, the foglet swarming seems more accurate, cool and possible. It is also somehow similar to molecular assembler technology


  • Creation
  • Levitating
  • Manipulation of Object
  • Shape Shifting
  • Teleportation

Utility Fog Operations

This technology mostly operates on two modes:-

Native Mode

Foglets in native mode can move to all direction and perform every mechanical operations. For example, a fan made of swarm of foglets can move.

Fog Mode

This kind of foglets will be mostly used for transmitting sound and information. They are find in 'pixelate form'. For example, a display screen.

How to Build Foglet

  • They just look like exoskeleton made up aluminium oxide.
  • Each foglets will consist of multiple arms.
  • The suggested and most applicable shape of foglet will be Dodecahedron.
  • Each arms in foglet have grippers attached to them.


  • Spherical Body consisting the size of 10 microns.
  • 10 or more telescopic arms consisting the size of 50 microns long and 5 micron in diameter.
  • Electricity will be generated by the water as hydrogen ions and oxygen will be combined.
  • Communication will happen taking commands from user and perform a particular action.

Basic Components of Utility Fog


Used for power controlling functions and communications.

Optical Guide

For communication.

Power Lines

They will supply power supply to each foglet.


For locking and joining foglets together.

Application of Utility Fog

  • For Building efficient machines.
  • Space research
  • Advanced utility fog weapon


In conclusion, we can say that utility fog will replace all other kind of technologies. This will be more compatible yet sophisticated kind of technology. We create and turn a object into anything. Life is going to be a whole lot easier.