molecular assembler

What is Molecular Assembler

There are many definitions of molecular assembler, we can say that it is prototype machine which will have purpose to manipulate and change chemical reactions by charging and reactivating molecules with atomic pressure point.

We have already read about Ribosomes in biology which works on same principle as molecular assembler technology.

History of Molecular Assembler

The research for molecular assembler technology started in year 2007 when the UK's EPSRC started reading and funding advanced development for molecular assembler which resemble the biological Ribosomes. The concept of ribosomes devlopment technology is advanced but due to lack of resources and frabrication technology makes it limited.

We have seen nano technology mostly in science fiction movies such as Claytronics which mostly consists of showing nano technology and atom fabrication devices which seems impossible today judging by the technology that we have today.

Molecular Assembler Setup

There will be applied engineering and various biotech principles combined together to create generating, working and processing platform for assembler. We are going to talk about what technology that we are going to need to setup assembler.

Working Nano factories

Nano factories are prototype systems which all sorts of nano robots and nano machines will generated to work actively with molecules under the principles of mechanosynthesis which is known to charge atomic particles under precise pressure.

We are not going to need nano factories which requires a lot of space, in fact a nano factories can be easily fit inside a box. There have been nano factories concepts proposed before John Burch, Ralphe Merkle and Robert Frietas. Today 5 countries and 10 organizations are actively working to create practical research platform.

However, the only issues that lies with assembling technology is that they most problems have been overlooked till now. The economy of world be affected negatively by nano factories.

Self-Replication Technology

There are many misconception with molecular assemblers and self replication technology. The molecular assembler is programmed with self replicating machines to generate any particle and product which we mostly see in science fiction movies.

Another great way to create assembler is to imitate the evolutionary process by which molecules were formed. We would be able to see a lot of variants and types of products by successful. To begin the creation of complex molecular product, we need to start from simple system.

Richard Smalley Theory

Richard Smalley is well known for his contribution in Nanotechnology and winning Nobel Prize said that assemblers are impossible to create and will go against the law of science. He proposed the theory of "fat finger problem" and "sticky finger problem". As per his two theories, any possibilities of creating assembler will be outlooked.

Molecular Assembler Setup

  • A working styled box with 8 interfaces with be needed.
  • Each interface is connected to 4 molecular assembler.
  • P2P ME Tunnel to connect each interface.
  • P2P Tunnel will be connected to 8 block interfaces which are also in joint with 4 molecular assemblers making up to 32 channel.