What is Closed Ecological Systems?

In general, we can say that closed ecological systems are those systems which do not rely work or prosper with outside ecological system. They are often considered as manmade ecological system which has various purposes and objectives such as scientific study, designing outer space technologies. They serve as life support for space colonization, astrological habitats, space stations and more.

How Closed Ecological System Works?

In CES (Closed Ecological System) any materials produced by one organism must be consumed by other organism to survive. This create cycle of surviving on each other. It maintains life forms in different perspective. Waste materials could be carbon dioxide, urine and feces as well so that they can be converted into oxygen, food and water.


The man made CES were generally studied and designed to create sustainable life forms in outer space including BIOS – 1, BIOS – 2, BIOS – 3 projects.

How to Create Aquatic EcoSystem

There are many ways to create CES, but we are going to talk about most easiest and affordable ways.

Building an Aquatic ecosystem

Get a container of glass with the size and volume large enough to fill in with water and soild.

Expose the Container with fluorescent light

Fluorescent light is very important for ecological system and growth of plants and other habitats.

Fill the Container with Soil

Soil which is fertilized and adaptable for organism would be good enough. Fill it to 1 or 2 inches.

Fill Water

Water is important because it is basis for every life. Use fish flakes to encourage the growth of growth.

Use plants

Purchase plants or seeds which creates sustainable life forms for other organism.

Add Fish

Adding fishes or shrimps will create other organisms to sprout or create habitable environment.

Change Water

Don’t keep the same water for days. Make sure you change it so that fish and other organism can survive.

Remove Dead Fish Instantly

If your fish is dead, then remove it instantly as it will create toxic environment for other organism to survive.

How to Build a Sustainable Terrarium Ecosystem

1.       Get a sealable glass container

2.       Fill it with small rocks and pebbles

3.       Sprinkle charcoal over rocks and pebbles.

4.       Use nutrient rich soil or peat moss.

5.       Add small plants

6.       Water Plants

7.       Remove bugs and infectious organism.

8.       Clear wild plants and fungus.