arcology city

What is Arcology?

Arcology is prototype architectural model or man made ecology system where large number reside in easily. The main goal of arcology projects is to living space for densely populated areas. The arcology is totally nature friendly.

The term 'arcology' was first coined by renowned Italian architecture named Paolo Soleri, who said that we are to going to arcology model in far future, to create sustainable living environment for residents. It will take less space and and strong enough to perform various activities such as commercial and agricultural tasks.

However, the people get to know about such concept by science fiction where futuristic cities models are based on such advanced architectural designs. There have been many novels written as well which describe that each corporations and community has their own self city.

Development of Arcology

Most people confused arcology with large building whose sole purpose is either residing or perform commercial activities, the arcology is itself a city where all sorts of daily life activities can be easily. These cities will have their own Ecosystem, self sustainable and resourceful. This concept will support power lines, climate manipulation, food production, water and air preservation and sewage facilities.

In conclusion, we can say that this futuristic city will have all sorts of daily livelihood activities. The another reason to bring this mega city, is to reduce the negative of human on our nature. Less resources will be consumed and less carbon will be emission on our planet.

The design of this mega cities will done by combining both civic engineering and conventional construction technique. There aren't any practical projects for future running right now.

The Paolo Soleri also created experimental mega city named Arcosanti in Arizona which is elevated at height for more than 1000 metres.

Goals of Arcology

The main of arcology project was to create sustainable city or town which reflects both human advancement and nature friendly.

  • To Reside millions of people in it.
  • Eco-friendly living space
  • Less space requirement.
  • Reduce the impact of human on nature.
  • Conservation of natural surroundings.
  • Standardized form of living

Design Principle of Arcology

Urban Scale Environment

The design for mega cities are proposed to such manner where both pedestrians and automotive can roam freely.

Food Production

As the city will grow the demand for farmland will also increase. The resources are the factor that is going to be considered. Citizens living in urban arcology will be connected to agricultural system. The people will be more about the idea of water preservation and conservation. The vertical agriculture will fully come into practice.


By using the latest technologies, the weather manipulation, climate control, sewage treatment practices will be fully adaptable. The fully optimization of resources to save nature was the main goal of arcology.

Urban Life

From the design, all sorts of activities and possibilities will happen, and that's the main reason for why a small arcology town will be converter into mega cities. We will observe all sorts of functions and activities in our urban space.


Since the primary goal of these mega cities projects are ultimate optimization of every resources to its extent. The phase "do more with less" will be applicable to such designs.


In conclusion, we can say that arcology projects will be really helpful to settle down largely densely populated areas in systematic manner. The resources will be properly utilized to everyone. If come into practice, the problem of homelessness will be solved.