agricultural robotics

What is Agricultural Robotics?

In general, agricultural robotics consist of those robots whose main purpose is to perform various agriculture based tasks. They are really useful and changing the both traditional and modern agriculture. Their main works are seeds plantations, harvesting, cloud watering and seeding, monitoring and soil analysis. As per various economic statistics, the market value of this industry will rise to 12 billion dollars by year 2025.


Benefits of Agricultural Robotics

·         The reduction of dependency on manual labor

·         Increase the productivity

·         Better seed plating, harvesting and analysis of land and crops

·         Less cost of production required

·         Large investment sometimes but long term benefits.

The robots in agriculture consists of fertilizer sprayer, fruits and leaf picking robots and weeding as well. They do come in various designs and shapes and each protocol designed has different applications and uses. The good thing about agricultural robotics is that they are developed to such extent that they can easily manage livestock and monitor them.


Their designs are mostly mechanical and controlled via remote devices and other machines basis. Their mechanical anatomy can be manipulated depending upon the agricultural needs and applications.

Types of Agriculture Robots

End Effectors

The end effectors are agriculture robots which has robotic arms and whose main operation is to perform various tasks including harvesting, spraying, fruit picking etc. Their accuracy is unmatched and their designed can be different which is mostly based on types of field they are used in.

Gripper Machines

It is grasping devices which operate few task such as gripping and harvesting the targeted crop. The design costing of gripper machines is very low and simple.


The manipulator works with both gripper and end effectors machines. The manipulation maintains the gripper position and height. The cost effectiveness of this machine is mostly based on design and applications they have.

History of development of Agricultural Robotics

The first agricultural robotics came into practices in late 1920s. Though they weren’t effective back then as their cost of design were very high and weren’t productive as they should be and only few prototypes were made. Years later of continuous development and designing factors, they came handy in 1960s. The USA and France who adapted these robots.


·         Multi purposes for various agricultural applications

·         Strawberry picking

·         Tomato picking in greenhouses

·         Performing greenhouses applications

·         Rice plantations

·         Mobile agricultural tasks

·         Nursing robots for plants and crops

·         Livestock monitoring

·         Spraying and Seeding

·         Soil Analysis

·         Drilling holes

·         Solar powered seeding and spraying robots

·         Prototype robots for robotics operating systems.

Agricultural Robotics Companies

1.       Abundant Robotics

2.       Agrobots

3.       American Robotics

4.       Bear Flag Robotics

5.       Blue River Technologies

6.       Ecorobotics

7.       Rabbit Tractors

8.       Rowbot

9.       Small Robot Company

10.   Soft Robotics

What is Mechatronics in Agriculture?

Mechatronics are mechanical robotics which are designed to perform various agricultural tasks and combined with farming technology. They are far superior and early AI technology. The good thing about the agriculture mechatronics is that they are going to ecofriendly and going to reduce the impact on natural ecological system. Although the benefits and applications of mechatronics and robotics are same but their costing and designs different.