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It is every woman's dream to always look beautiful and attractive. Especially before marriage, all future brides and grooms follow a diet and weight loss strategy to look more beautiful at their wedding. But soon after marriage, most women gain weight. The question is, why did this happen after marriage? Below are some of the reasons that lead to weight gain.

 Usually people believe that women gain weight after marriage because of their relationship with their husbands, but this is not true. Women gain weight because their lifestyle changes after marriage. The most common reason is a celebration after marriage with family and friends. Every woman wants to enjoy these moments, so in this case she eats high-calorie foods which are the cause of weight gain.


After marriage, women become busier and are completely ignored. You don't have time to exercise or take a walk. At dawn they join to do their work and stay busy all day. They don't have time to do physical preparation.


 Another important reason is that after marriage, girls are no longer as informed about their appearance and health as before they were married. They stop eating healthy foods and start eating their favorite foods.


The love and affection of a mother for her children has no equal. Often times, women eat the leftovers of their children, which also puts on weight.


The most important reason for being overweight after marriage is pregnancy, which is an important phase in every woman's life and every woman is happy to be a mother. During pregnancy, women take great care of their health in order to give birth to healthy children. And after the child is born, they forget themselves and the child becomes their first priority.


 After marriage, a woman's responsibilities increased and she did not have time to exercise regularly. She is busy all day long looking after her husband, children and other family members.


Cooking is another factor that causes women to gain weight after marriage. The woman spends most of her time in the kitchen, cooking various meals to please her family.