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For last few years, we came to know that Facebook does violates our privacy and safety. There's been a lot of allegations against Facebook with actual proof and valid stats that states why Facebook might be actually a most evil thing that human might experience in upcoming future. Here's why.

1) It Knows About Your Location 

You would be surprised to know that Facebook stores every single information of your location and it is being stored in their servers. Your precise location, your travel history with the accuracy of time. Facebook knows everything. Even if you switch off the tracking feature which is alos limited, Facebook does still track. Isn't this creepy enough?

2) Your Political Beliefs 

Even if you never reveal your political identity and beliefs, Facebook does know about your Political ideology by looking at your activities, which pages you mostly visit and what kind of content you spend much time looking at. There's been a lot of speculation about how Facebook could be used as mass weapon in Elections. As per your activity on Facebook, you can be categorize such as Liberal, Centrist or Conservative.

3) Love Life

You know Facebook stores everything, right? Facebook have billions of similar data which they can analyze and predict before even posting on Facebook. Your interaction with a particular person whether it is through chats, comment section or even through liking their pictures. Facebook also analyze how much time you spend on viewing a person's profile.

4) Call and SMS History

This doesn't seem weird if you get to know that how Facebook knows who you sending SMS and giving calls to. By giving access to your call history and contacts to Facebook, you are exposing yourself to letting Facebook who you're in contact with. Many Facebook users have accused Facebook for accessing their SMS and call data.

5) Your Routine

Yes that is completely true. Facebook knows when you wake up and when you sleep. No matter how hard you try you can't change the fact you completely watched. There's been allegations that messenger has specific features that knows on how many devices you are using Facebook right now.

6) Your Mouse Cursor Activity

Now this is something that we should be talking about protesting against because this is straight violations of human rights policy. According to scandal of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook does track down user's mouse activity activities even though they are not using the social media. Truth is in plain sight and cannot be hidden for very long.