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Everyone struggles when it comes to idea of bringing startup or new business tactic. For students it could be little bit difficult because of a lack of experience in marketing and not having a source of income make them realize that they won't have any business. Today I am going to tell you some of the best business ideas with low investment and high profit that you can implement without investing or little investment I guess.

1) Photographer

If you are having a good camera or DSLR, then it might be the best opportunity for you to expand your business. All you need is passion and some sort of photography knowledge. Your work will start gaining popularity as you enhance your photography skills. The photography today is considered to be one of the best startup for beginner.

2) Tutor

You need a spirit of teaching and good communication skills to become a perfect teacher. If you are looking for a teaching job then contact your nearby educational institutes where you can teach. Things may be awkward for you a while but as soon as you start gaining experience you will master it perfectly.

3) Videography

Most people think that videography is just as same as photography but it is entirely different. The process of capturing moment in photography and videography is somehow different. Sometimes, you need to trained under professional and learn how things are executed. Under few months of training you can be a great photographer.

4) Designing

If you are that nerd that spends time on website, then make sure you learn how to design it. There is a lot of money in this field if you do it properly. You can learn website designing, banner designing by joining a course of few months and after that you can see your business booming.

5) Fitness Tutor

Its getting popular for real though. For those who are gym freaks not only focus on making their body lean but also consider turning this passion into profession. The earning from this profession is decent and way better than job.

6) Join Affiliate Program

Another thing that is going to earn you a lot of money without any efforts is joining an affiliate program from Amazon or Flipkart and earn commission every time you share referral link of any product. Each products is categorize under different rates of commission.

7) Youtube Channel

There's no need to explain on this subject because everyone knows what it is. If you are looking to create a Youtube channel then recognize what your passion is and what sort of things you can certainly do to present them to audience. Its all about creativity and the way you present things. Always make sure that the thing that you are uploading on Youtube be creative and users should be learning from it. This is certainly one of the best business ideas with low investment and high profit that you should probably try out

8) Sell Study Notes

There's a serious money in this field and the good thing about this work is that you have already done in school. All you have to do is it create notes for students on any particular topic they ask and sell it them. The demand for notes for increasing day by day and there's no going back. Create a website where you can sell notes and earn money.

9) Paint

Let's be real, the painting was your hobby back then in childhood. Why not make it a profession now? There are many website portals that are purchasing artwork and paintings from person at decent amount. No matter whether you're good at it or not, there always be someone who would like to buy your taste.

10) Event Manager

Even a non experienced person can do this. Because they know how to party, arrange events and have fun at the moment. They do have a lot friends, so teaming would be lot more easier and assigning tasks can be