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 Everyone wants to earn more money and each of them come up with ideas and strategies that sometimes hit the jackpot while other work hard to make their living. There are many types of highest paying jobs in the world with different pay scale and most of them are so good that you have never even heard of. Today we are going to talk about such jobs

  • Fast Food Worker - $17,000 Per Year
They are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and resolving their problems and addressing questions.

  • Waitress - $20,000 Per Year
They are also known as server and generally work in restaurant. They greet customers and note their order and bring food to their table

  • Personal Trainer - $25,000 Per Year
Helping Clients in workout to minimize the the injury and promote fitness.

  • Chocolatier - $30,000 Per Year
They are responsible for crafting chocolates in beautiful shapes, size and structures.

  • Caterer - $33,000 Per Year
They cook and prepare large amount of food at event, parties and weddings

  • Florist - $35,000 Per Year
They create and design floral arrangement as bouquets, corsages and other arrangements

  • Movie Editor - $37,000 Per Year
They are highly required in film and gaming industry for their editing skills.

  • Law Teacher - $43,000 Per Year
Law Teachers Deliver lectures and teach students about law regarding to government.

  • Art Therapist - $44,000 Per Year
They use the art and imagery to fix their client mental status and get their lives back to track.

  • Financial Advisor - $44,000 Per Year
They are provide financial needs and specific suggestion to clients according to their needs.

  • Producer and Director - $46,00 Per Year
They create movies, video, television series and commercials.

  • Sales Manager - $48,000 Per Year
They lead a sales team by providing guidance and advises by setting their goals and objectives.

  • Video Game Designer - $55,000 Per Year
They design character, levels, art and animation and other creative stuffs.

  • Astronomer - $55,000 Per Year
They study stars, planets and other celestial objects for the future of mankind.

  • Orthodontist - $57,000 Per Year
They fix dental irregularities.

  • Youtuber - $58,000 Per Year
The Youtuber with 1 million plus subscriber are likely to create content which the audience will like.

  • Economist - $59,000 Per Year
They are financial expert who reads market activities and create marketing campaign to increase sales and production.

  • Security Analyst - $59,000
They plan and carry out specific measurement to secure organization's data and information

  • Sales Engineer - $60,000 Per Year
They show technical presentation which explain products or services.

  • Physicist - $60,000 Per Year
Physicists are known for designing experiments and implementing them into scientific methods

  • Construction Manager - $60,000 Per Year
They handle infrastructure projects at whether is is big or small and make sure that project runs on time an finish it before given period.

  • Dentist - $61,000 Per Year
They diagnose and treat dental issues. The demand for dentists is very high in United States.

  • Toy Designer - $61,000 Per Year
Toy Designer develop and design toys in the manufacturing process. The industry itself is pretty big.

  • Pediatrician - $62,000 Per Year
They take care of health of child including their daily activities.

  • Art Director - $62,000 Per Year
Art Director are responsible for creating visual images on books, newspaper and magazines.

  • Fashion Designer - $63,000 Per Year
They design outfits and bring new fashion ideas which can be presented in prototype forms.

  • Internist - $64,000 Per Year
They are medical doctor of internal medicines and can prescribe you medicines.

  • Surgeon - $64,000 Per Year
Depeding upon the surgery, a good surgeon can more than decent amount of money.

  • Computer Network Manager - $65,000 Per Year
They build data networking structure where communication can be done easily.

  • Electrical Engineering - $66,000 Per Year
They design and develop electrical system and solve various issues.

  • Physician Assistant - $68,000 Per Year
They conduct physical exam, diagnose and treat illness. Provide healthcare and assist in surgery.

  • Veterinarian - $70,000 Per Year
They take care of health and well being of animals and treat various disease.

  • Optometrist - $70,000 Per Year
They examines eyes and fix refractive errors by prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses

  • Manager - $70,000 Per Year
They oversee for a company or department and handles employees to make them work efficiently

  • Advertising Manager - $70,000 Per Year
They are responsible for creating advertisement for company's product and policies.

  • Cryptographer - $71,000 Per Year
They analyze and decipher encrypted data to assist in solving crime and other government based work.

  • Actuary - $71,000 Per Year
They actually analyze the financial outcome of risk. They use math calculation and airthmetic measurements

  • Hardware Engineer - $72,000 Per Year
They research, design and develop computer equipment.

  • Electronic Engineer - $73,000 Per Year
They are responsible for management of wide range of electronica device such as GPS in devices, portable players.

  • Application Developer - $73,000 Per Year
They design and develop computer and mobile applications.

  • Emergency Director - $75,000 Per Year
They arrive at disaster center and handle crisis management very efficiently.

  • Aerospace Engineer - $76,000 Per Year
They design and test missiles, aircraft, satellites and spacecraft. They also evaluate aerodynamic performance of aircraft.

  • Marketing Manager - $80,730
Marketing Manager helps creating campaign to sell products more efficiently and to bring new and potential customers

  • Software Developer - $82,000 Per Year
They develop softwares and implement various applications and programs for backend processing systems.

  • Airline Pilot - $ 89,000 Per Year
They navigate the flight of fixed wing, multi engine aircraft, usually on scheduled air carrier routes.

  • Nuclear Engineer - $92,000 Per Year
They research and develop the processor, instrument and other installment devices

  • Judge - $94,000 Per Year
They hear case in the community and make decision according to laws and constitutions.

  • Petroleum Engineer - $95,000 Per Year
They are hired to find oil and other natural resources in country. They also design and develop the method of extracting oil. They are probably one of the highest paying jobs in the world.

  • Psychiatrist - $1,01,000 Per Year
They are medical professor who specializes in mental health

  • Gynecologists - $1,05,000 Per Year
They are specializes in women reproductive organs and bodily issues.

  • Pharmacist - $1,05,000 Per Year
They prescribe medicines to patients and tell them about the safe usages of medicines.

  • Chief Executive $1,06,000 Per Year
A Chief Executive Officer is considered as highest rank in company. Their primary role is making decision for company and managing the overall company.
  • Data Scientist - $1,35,000 Per Year
They are known for extracting meaning and interpreting data which requires both methods and tools for statistics and machine learning.

  • Block Chain Engineer - $1,40,000 Per Year
Block Chain Engineer are very good at creating and implementing digital tactics for organization they are working in.

  • Info Security Officer - $1,41,000 Per Year
They are more likely to identify vulnerabilities and threats in current network

  • Integration Analyst - 1,42,000 Per Year
They are tasked with planning, managing and coordinating the assimilation of software.

  • Partnership Head - $1,43,000 Per Year
They develop and execute a strategy that will help organization to achieve its objective completely.

  • Investment Banker - $1,53,000 Per Year
They advise their clients to raise money in capital market by issuing debt and selling equity in company

  • Senior Director - $1,72,000 Per Year
They lead the team with internal and external matter. Carry out further plans that can be actually beneficial.

  • Instagram Influencer - $2,10,000 Per Year
The Instagram users who have established their credibility can earn millions.

  • NFL Player - $8,60,000 Per Year
They play in National Football League in USA and their salary is depend upon team position and their ability to play the game

  • Premiere League Player - $35,00,000 Per Year
They are considered as best league in the world. The average yearly salary of player depends upon the team's performance and financial status.

  • Actor/Actress - $25,900,000 Per Year
You can see them in multiple films in year and they make millions out of it.