There's a massive protest for last two in India by the farmer. The right wing ruling BJP has ensured the farmer's that it will probably lift their status both commercially and non - commercially. However the farmer has something in their mind as well. There are 4 major aspects which needs to be know by everyone before they come to any conclusions.

indian farmer

Contract with big corporations

As per this bill, a farmer can now sign a contract with big corporation such as Nestle, Parle etc at fixed price. This does sound like a good deal isn't it? But the thing is that big corporations are more likely to exploit farmers rather than lifting their status. There's also many loopholes which will needs to be cleared out between Indian farmers and ruling government.

Necessary Commodities

After passing of these bills, the stockings of items as much as they want will be legal. Now this is something that we need to talk about. The major disadvantage of stockings will limit the supply and thus increasing the price, which is nightmare for poor. Farmer does think that the trader will buy the stock at cheap price and sell it to the higher prices.

Reasonable Mandi Tax

The major drawback of 3rd section of bill is that it will certainly reduce the collection of tax for state government as these mandis are governed by them. A farmer from Rajasthan can now sell his items to any state at any price.

Minimum Support Price

Again the fear of exploitations and unlawful ways of trading makes the farmer to protest. As per the stats less than 6 % of farmers are getting the benefits of minimum support price policies. As they are now free to sell their stocks in open market. There would be chances that market will dictate the price rather than the farmers.

For those who are thinking that only farmer are protesting may be very wrong. Some state government from opposing party are protesting as well, as there will be massive reduction. We are not here to judge but if the bill is truly wrong that farmers from every state of India should come and unite against these bill section. We can clearly see the lack of unity here. Let's hope that the victory of famer will prevail.