Eren Yeager From Attack On Titan

Its been more than a month since the season 4 of Attack on Titan and users eagerly waiting for its conclusion. The anime is without the doubt one of most popular and best anime of the decade. It will surely be remembered as the greatest anime ever made. The founder of Attack on Titan has done incredibly well and we all owned to him for this treasure. We are going to talk why Attack on Titan is greatest show of all time

1) Starting

We all know how Attack on Titan is making us hooked up since the beginning of first episode. The episodes are really good and story telling is suspenseful, thus making it one of the greatest anime of the decade.

2) Genre

Its not just violence that make Attack on Titan a popular anime. It is a mixture of horror, gore, psychological thriller and more.

3) World Building

We all started watching Attack on Titan without knowing anything about outsider world and we've always been so eager to know about the reality and truth behind the invasion of Titan.

4) Arcs

The beauty of Attack on Titan is that it is well written. Every arc is described amazingly well and get the audience hooked up till the end. There's no filler and you will not get bored.

5) Character Development

Each character has their own distinctive personality and major development has done to their character depending upon the incidents they witness. There's no main character and every one deserve equal importance and has their own backstory.

6) Moral Dilemmas

There comes a time in series when we get stuck in watching some of best ethics and moral dilemmas moment of the show. Making decision between saving a friend or person who saves your life. Its about all emotions.

7) Plot

Unlike any other anime that were so good at the beginning but gets criticism as their story goes forward. Attack on Titan has one of the amazing plot and it always get better after every arc.

8) Ratings

Shingeki No Kyojin is the only anime which gets better after every other episodes. It is also the only series with highest number of episodes rated more than 9.0

9) Prediction

Well you can't really predict what's going to happen next because it is just so predictable and when you watch the series, you will realize how everything is connected from the beginning. Unlike the loop plot from other animes, the Attack on Titan has adapted the linear form plot.

9) Levi Ackerman

There's no deny that Levi Ackerman is one of the greatest character. As per weeb stats, he is the only reason why people watch this show. His actions, moves and nature and far by unique and one of the beautifully designed character in the entire series. Also, without any titan abilities, he can easily defeat titans.