City from the future

The era is changing rapidly. The way of living and standards which are always characterized by technology that we are adapting. For sure, the technology has changed the human life and one of the major contributor in shaping history and there's no going back. We have seen lot a amazing technologies that we science fiction movies that seems unreal back in few decades and now we are going to use them in few decades.

1) Teleportation

Either by reconstructing our body at different location or by bending space and time.

2) Time Travel

If you go back in time don't kill your Grandfather.

3) Dark Matter Processor

Converting dark matter into energy that can be seen

4) Communication With Aliens

Yeah let's invite them for a treat !

5) Natural Ageing Elimination

Everyone hate getting old

6) Invisibility

Many devices are already being built which can make you invisible at the moment

7) Subliminal Learning

Learn anything instantly

8) Replicator

Create anything you want from molecular level

9) Force Field

Create invincible barrier of field like we see in movies.

10) Ray guns

It will probably fire rays of energy

11) Head Transplant

Now you can change your body just by having head transplant

12) Artificial Brain

Man made artificial brain that is capable of thinking and decision making

13) Retrieve Forgotten Memories

Now you're not gonna forget where your car keys at

14) Chip Implant

Everything will be recorded in your body after proper chip implantation

15) Domestic Space Travel

You will be able to fly into space just by getting tickets

16) Mind Hacking

Methods of brain manipulation doesn't seem so unreal now

17) Fusion Power

Production of Electricity with the waste of heat.

18) Self Aware Android

A perfect robot with decision making skills and feelings.

19) Self Learning AI

We all know where this will end

20) Zero Energy Infrastructure

The energy required for building a infrastructure can be done through renewable source.

21) Coloniazation of Planets

Elon Musk is already working on it.

22) Flying Cars

Well who doesn't want to go Alaska this weekend.

23) Nano Robots

They are more likely designed to fix human body issue by entering them

24) Human Gene Modification

You would be able to modify how do you look like and your characterization

25) Internet in Your Brain

You will be able to access all sorts of information that has stored in internet from your brain

26) 3d Printed Organs

Now this is something that we need to talk about, because it's super cool