psychopath girl

1) Being Rational

One of the most common trait of psychopath is that you are always more rational than any other humans. The thing is that you are not always affected by happiness, sadness, sudden trauma and shocking events. There's always a logical explanation behind every act. You don't feel remorse over anything because according to you that's how things are supposed to happen.

2) Different Personality

If you dealing with a psychopath person and you don't even know about it then you should probably find that the person always act different depending upon the person they are meeting. They do act like a gecko which can certainly change color and backstab you.

3) Getting Bored Easily

I think I personally can relate to this subject. A psychopathic person will get bored easily and will probably find another way to cop up with his or her boredom. They are likely to meet new people and treat them depending upon their mood. They can certainly hurt other just because they are now bored. That's why we should always stay away from these kind of people.

4) Impulsive

According to many studies, the brain of psychopathic person acts faster but it comes with prices as well. You will often see many decisions that are taken by a psychopathic person out of their impulsiveness. Weird thing about their impulsiveness is that they don't always feel bad from their poor decision making skills sometimes.

5) Great Liar

Only a psychopathic person would tell a great lie and no one knows why. We have often seen people telling lie out of fear and maybe they don't want to reveal anything which is confidential. Now a psychopath tells a lie which he just wants to. Generally, he finds it amazing or entertaining to let people wonder about him

6) Desire

The greed is another common trait of a psychopath person. More you give, the more they want. There desire to get something that they don't possess could be really dangerous. They are always looking for luxurious lifestyle and act like a narcissist intentionally.

7) Violation Of Rights

Well a psychopath doesn't really care what others think about you, so you're likely to hurt other and perform act which might hurt them even if its illegal though. They don't care about the consequences by the way.