attack on titan art

Only the veternary weeb will know how precious Attack on Titan is. I have started watching AOT in year 2014 and heard lot about its popularity. Even Manga did good as well as with anime. For now we can say that Isayama will be known as one of the most legendary Manga artist in history. Here are the why Attack on Titan is one of the best anime of the decade.

1) Plot

Since the first day, we are hooked on Attack on Titan because of its eerie vibes and one of the most mysterious post in anime history. From considering the origins of Titans and habitats of the world outside the wall, we all wanted to know whats going out there.

2) Characater Development

Another amazing thing that we have witnessed in Attack on Titan is its beautiful character development. There've been a lot of characters which were a lot of different in season 1 but as the struggle goes, everyone changes, everyone literally witness a lot things which made them change their mind and the way they percieve each other.

3) Action

There's no doubt that Attack on Titan has one of the best action anime realm. We see the well trained scouts, soldiers, cop and defender from Titans. The Titans eating humans and the gore scenes will really make you rethink watching these anime, but afterall this is what it is all about. 

4) Suspense

The one of the most important thing that keep viewers stuck to this masterpiece show is its suspenseful storyline. Besides that each season was developed way more better that previous season and you won't regret watching that. Believe me.

5) Deaths

There's no such things as major charactor or protagonist in show. Everyone can die and even one of the most characters who were considered to make it to end of the show died. You might be surprised or feel a sense of anger but this show is what it has to show.

5) Levi

Everyday, the fangirl count of Levi Ackerman, one of the most handsome and strongest Titan fighter in entire series. The funny thing is that it doesn't even have to transform into Titan to fight other Titans. It is the strength that he possess and fighting skills that impressed everyone.