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 Many children are injured every year and in some cases die from road accidents. Children can get hurt at home too. As a parent, you must take great care to ensure that you provide a safe home for your children. Parents must be very careful to avoid unpleasant events. There are many things around the house that can be dangerous for your child, such as power tools, cables, sharp wrenches, and furniture. To keep your children safe, you need to make the kitchen and bathroom safe places.

Because of the many problems at home, there are many dangers outside the home. For example, the swimming pool is a dangerous place for children. Don't let your children swim alone, you should always accompany them to such places.

Most of the birthday parties are held near the pool and canal. Parents allow their children to swim without watching them. You can protect your children from unpleasant accidents by following these tips.


This happens very often to all children. There are many places in the home where children can fall. It can be your bedroom bed or your staircase. Your child can get off while running. Wet floors are also very dangerous for children who can slip and injure themselves. So make sure your child is in a safe place when cleaning floors. Don't let your child approach windows and stairs and attach grills to the windows. Make sure your child cannot get near dangerous places such as balconies and roofs. If they insist on leaving, you have to come with them.


Doctors do not recommend climbers for children, and it is a misconception that children walk with climbers earlier. Hikers make such places accessible to children where they can get hurt.

Swallow something

Buttons, coins, plastic bags, small toys and sharp objects are very dangerous if a child swallows them. Don't give your child small toys, they can swallow them.

Fire and other hot objects

Be careful handling hot objects, especially when there are small children around you. Hot pots, hot drinks, hot pots, and milk or boiled water can harm your child.

Smoking is very dangerous for your child's health and can cause burns on your child's skin.

Electrical goods

Electrical things like plugs, cables, switches and electric machines attract children. Keep all these things out of reach of your child.


Tablets, syrup bottles. All of these inhalers are especially attractive to children. Make sure not all types of medication are included in your child's approach.

The tub filled with water

This is another reason for household accidents. Never leave a water bath full of water in your bathroom. Always make sure the water bath is empty.