classroom study

The classroom is an important place for a child. A child enters the classroom to learn, observe, share and teach. For good results, the atmosphere in the classroom must be attractive and charming. Today's article provides tips for teachers to help make their classroom an interesting place.

 Color image

Education experts agree that colorful pictures add to children's interest. Color pictures not only have a pleasant effect on the mood of the child, but also subconsciously learn from these images. You can display your student work on your bedroom wall or on the board. Keep replacing old with new ones to keep students interested. You can send old works to parents, it will make them happy to see your child's efforts.

 Arrangement in a sitting position

Sitting plays an important role in creating a better environment. You can arrange two tables in a square and place chairs around the table. It's more comfortable for kids. If there is space in the room, you can spread a sheet of rug there and use it for storytelling or whatever else you want to share with your students specifically.

Writing supplies

Before starting work, make sure the child has all the necessary items, such as pens, pencils, sharpener and eraser. If a student is missing something, give them what they need. This problem interferes with children's work and wasted time aimlessly.

 The attitude of the teacher

 Teacher behavior plays an important role in the development of a child's personality. According to parents, children are a reflex in the teacher's personality. It is widely believed that a teacher who maintains discipline in the classroom is a good teacher, but this is not true. Discipline is also important, but what is more important is the trust and respect that teachers have for their students. Assessment is very important, especially for children who are unable to compete with other students.

 Participation of child

Fun conversations in the classroom have a positive impact on students. Make sure every student is involved. Sometimes only a few students meet in class. All students attend training. The simplest solution to this problem is for the teacher to ask students to stand up and respond. Another interesting technique is to print the names of all the students on the ice cubes and place them in a nice basket. Take a stick and ask students the question you want to ask. That way, all children have the same opportunity to participate.

Parents teacher meeting

Sometimes teachers have difficulty understanding student problems. It is best to use parenting meetings. List all problems and discuss them with parents. This discussion will solve most problems.


Participation in extracurricular activities

It is the teacher's responsibility to create equal opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. Organizing activities according to children's interests and personalities.

Give students meaning

 Visit class before students arrive at class. Greet each student individually as they enter class. The child feels very good because everyone likes the importance given to him. Do you have light discussions with students in the first 5 and 7 minutes? During this discussion, answer his name call and encourage students to study.