digital marketing

SEO itself has a lot of misconceptions and myths which neeeds to be cleared out of experts. The fact that SEO is ever changing marketing practices says that we need keep learning about the regular updates and major alrgorithm changes. Today we are going to learn about 15 lesser known things about SEO.

1) Linking Factors

You would be surprised to learn that not all search engines follow the guidelines of backlink method of gaining ranks. Its not really about backlink factor anymore to many search engines. In fact, top search engines like Yandex are the way of becoming link free search engines.

2) Rich Snippets

Only few SEO expert will tell you that rich snippets don't have any impact on ranking the website on search engine. From CTA and CTR perspective we can say that they do help a lot user on learning about the website thus, increasing the organic traffic. Even Google has said this several times.

3) Video Content Priority

The fact that if you have video or dynamic content on your homepage, then the chances of your website getting on page 1 of Google will be increased by 60 percent. Not only Google, many social platforms like Instagram, Twitter are now prioritising video content over images.

4) SEO is Quick Result Oriented Practice

We cannot deny the fact that SEO is very slow and organic practice that has ever existed in internet history. However the good thing about SEO is that the result will stay longer than you can expect unlike Google Ads practices.

5) Quality Not Quantity

Heavily emphasized practices of link building and spamming did work well in past. But these days, its not really the same. The several updates of search engine made it difficult for websites to gain ranking just by the stuffing and backlinking process. Instead they need focus on quality instead.

6) On Page Factors

Just because you are implementing some On Page SEO methods, doesn't mean that it is going to help anyway. Very few people know that there are more than 200 On Page SEO factors which we need to consider and can be learned over the practice of time.

7) Never Ending Practice

SEO is just not same as it was years ago. The harsh or sweet truth, whatever you like to consider is that SEO is never remains the same. We need to change our practice and based on the on going search algorithm rules.

8) Unexplored Result

As per stats, 96% search results on Google remain unexplored to this day and got 0 organic traffic at all. It seems normal that a user doesn't even want to go Page 2. The quality competition has extended to such points that user will get satisfied by whatever result he is getting on Page 1.