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Today every woman and even every man visits beauty salons to look better. In the name of cosmetic care, it is claimed that you can get the perfect look from head to toe. Beauty salons offer various types of hair loss treatments, various hairstyles according to the latest fashion trends, various facial treatments to treat skin wrinkles beautifully, cosmetic surgery, sweat prevention much more.

You have to be very careful when choosing a beauty salon. Since specialist doctors are very important for treatment in the same way, you need to get beauty services from qualified beauticians and certified beauty salons.

Possible harm and damage

  • Skin infections, hair breakage and scalp burns is the price you have to pay for unhealthy beauty treatments by unqualified beauticians.

  • Cosmetic surgery can cause brain infections, which are very dangerous.

  • Non-standard beauty salons do not sterilize their equipment, create microbes and cause dangerous infections. They can also cause bad odour in sweat.

  • Unqualified personnel do not use the correct waxing and puncture method. Carelessness in waxing leads to skin infections. If the same wax is used for more than one customer, it will promote bacterial growth.

  • Tattoo needles can cause various infectious diseases, including AIDS and hepatitis.

  • Laser hair loss treatments and Baotax for wrinkle removal can cause many problems.

  •  Hairdressers often damage your skin by using wet hands. They use a variety of chemicals, dyes, bleaches, and shampoos without wearing gloves.

  • Most people experience hair loss after curling and straightening their hair.

  • The wrong combination of creams and bleaching agents can damage the skin and cause red spots on your face.

  • The cosmetic industry has many health risks. One reason is the use of non-standard products.

  • Unqualified personnel can be very dangerous.

  • Common side effects of cosmetic products are skin infections and eye irritation. If these chemicals enter the body, they can cause swelling and difficulty breathing.

How to avoid harmful effects?

  • You have to be very careful when choosing a beauty salon.

  • Make sure they have qualified personnel and use quality products.

  • Ask for disposable treatment instruments. When disposable tools are not used, especially those that are a source of transmission of blood diseases, such as tweezers, manicure and pedicure tools, removal of cuticles to exfoliate nails, etc.

  • It is best to bring your own belongings to avoid all dangers. Instruments that are not sterilized cause fungal and bacterial infections.